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Who We Are

The Dunwoody Homeowners Association, Inc. is a non-profit Georgia corporation and is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of up to thirty-five (35) persons. The executive committee of six is elected by the general membership. These six serve alternating three year terms as the officers of the Association. Board members act on a volunteer basis and receive no remuneration for their service.

Our Board Members are:

Robert Wittenstein
President (2019)
Erika Harris
Vice President (2018)
Lindsay Ballow
Secretary (2018)
Adrienne Duncan
Treasurer (2019)
Kerry de Vallette
Elected Director (2020)
Gerri Penn
Elected Director (2020)
Larry N. Adams  Joseph Kane
Bob Barnwell Jim Maloney 
 Lindsay Ballow Caren Morrison
 Kent Brooks Alan Mothner
Rick Callihan Gerri Penn
Mike Davis Charles W. (Bill) Robinson
Kerry de Vallette Jeff Rosen
Sherman Dudley Joe Seconder
Adrienne Duncan Keely Sime
Suanne (Su) Ellis John T. Sparks, Jr.
Bob Fiscella Joe Tuttle
William (Bill) Grossman Lisa C. Victory
Stacey Harris Robert Wittenstein
Erika Harris
Lynn Deutsch Denis (Denny) Shortal
John Heneghan Pam Tallmadge
Hon. Francis R. (Fran) Millar
Hon. Tom Taylor
Terry Nall Douglas R. Thompson
Jim Riticher Hon. Daniel J. Weber
Joyce M. Amacher Bob Lundsten
 Gordon D. Jackson Herbert H. (Herb) Sprague
Richard W. (Rick) Jones
Ken Wright III