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Rain Policy

The event goes forward rain or shine – there are too many involved with booked schedules to turn the ship towards another date. We are watching the weather hour by hour. With that said – safety is our number one concern – the word thunderstorms is the key.

The event will go on with rain….

I realize those of you with musical instruments and especially the violins – that cannot happen….
Dancers, Vendors, and Sponsors– it will be your call – but like I said – IF it becomes an electrical storm – no one will be on the street.

Please watch the DHA facebook page or updates.

We are looking for a window for this event – and it can happen – right now the forecast is for Saturday night and Sunday 100% rain – Sunday late afternoon evening 50% - that’s our break… prayers for the rain to come in hard and dissipate!

Two years ago we had the same forecast – even worse for the 4th parade – and we got a window! Parade happened in-between the storms!

Looking forward to another wonderful event!!!!

-Pam Tallmadge, Event Coordinator